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Ron Hulman Associate

Ron Hulman

Ron combines experience as Manager for IBM Corporate Citizenship for Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), together with his experience as a consulting Partner advising clients on implementing and sustaining change through Balanced Scorecards, Learning and Knowledge Management.

As Manager for Corporate Citizenship his responsibilities included: new programme assessment; programme management; and integration of CSR into the wider business. Notable achievements included: successful internal CSR education for IBM Country General Managers; and winning a Business in the Community International Award for a key IBM CSR programme. Ron's client work included: working with leadership teams on the development of balanced business scorecards and the management change required to implement them; knowledge management – in which Ron co-led the development and roll-out across IBM of the first global methods; and learning – including the winning and initial delivery of a large-scale worldwide programme encompassing off-shore and on-shore material development. Most recently, Ron has been working with a charitable foundation developing and implementing recommendations for peer-to-peer sharing of recipient-NGO expertise as well as the development of an online awards processing system.

Ron brings his consulting and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) experience to the service of clients in the charitable and private sector. He has worked across most sectors and in multinational teams across most continents. Ron's EMEA Corporate Citizenship role has provided insights into national CSR issues across that region and to a lesser extent in other regions of the world.

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