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Jo Ransom Associate

Jo Ransom

Jo is an accomplished business support professional with an innovative and entrepreneurial approach to organisational growth and development. Maximising an organisation’s potential through embracing and celebrating a diverse workforce; Jo’s more recent accomplishments have included building a case for employee diversity and workplace flexibility. Her Master’s dissertation argued the replacement of the ‘job for life’ psychological contract with workplace flexibility and retaining talent through the promotion of work-life balance.

Jo’s role as Project Director on a number of large European programmes created opportunities to research diversity in the workplace leading to practical solutions that embed diversity across all business operations rather than creating silos that are deemed ‘HRs responsibility’.

A recent departure from carrying out the function of Director of Diversity at Exemplas has created the space for Jo to provide varied support, particularly in the area of delivering public sector services using the ‘Civil Society’ sector and interpreting policy around the Big Society agenda.

Jo’s expertise includes equality versus diversity, workplace learning and qualification infrastructures, corporate social responsibility and public sector subsidy and initiatives.

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