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Juliette Brown Associate

Juliette Brown

Juliette is a graduate in the Social Sciences and has a professional background in human resource management. She is a highly skilled equality, diversity and inclusion practitioner who has been described as a pioneer in advancing the principles of employment practices within the television broadcast industry. Juliette was Group HR Manager for Thames Television Airtime Sales operation and Deputy Head of Diversity for BBC Television. She later became Head of Diversity and Corporate Social Responsibility at Ofcom, the communications regulator. Juliette is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development; Executive Director of the Institute of Equality & Diversity Practitioners and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. She is currently studying for the postgraduate NTL Certificate Programme in Organisational Development.

Juliette has worked with leaders to leverage strategic advantage from the diversity within their organisation and client base. She has experience of working within the public, private and third sectors. Some of the diverse projects in which she has been involved includes sourcing diverse talent; undertaking strategic diversity reviews; running assessment centres; developing and running a mentor programme for a University and carrying out reviews of equality impact assessment processes. She is an experienced career and life coach and has many years experience of designing and delivering successful development programmes for women and on inclusive leadership. Juliette has over 9 years experience as a non-executive for NHS Mental Health Trusts on which she was the lead investigator into untoward incidents and user complaints.

Juliette has experience of sitting at many sides of the ‘organisational table’. As an employee; in-house HR practitioner; independent consultant; executive and non-executive director she has a unique view of what organisations need to do to create environments in which everyone can thrive and perform to their full potential.

As a consulting associate to all about talent Juliette brings passion, wide experience and deep knowledge on how organisations can leverage the benefits of diversity and inclusion to help meet their business objectives. You can find out more about Juliette on her LinkedIn page and her own company website www.jjbventures.com

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