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Dwain Neil Associate

Dwain Neil

Dr Dwain A Neil is an experienced motivator, skilled in the techniques for helping others to unlock their potential to learn – be they young people or adults. He believes that getting the best out of staff comes from creating and maintaining a robust, positive and inclusive culture in the workplace for learning, and for taking the right action at the right time. He enjoys helping leaders, in all sectors, to hone their leadership skills in diverse staff environments. He is a nuclear scientist by education who has enjoyed using his analytical abilities in the business sector to find practical solutions.

Dwain has worked in the private sector for over thirty years, and has also contributed to the voluntary and education sectors over the same period. He was in Shell Chemicals International for the first twenty one years of his working life, and held senior roles in business management and recruitment. After a two year stint in Focus Consultancy as a director, he founded Leriko & Associates, a management consultancy that specialises in unlocking of the potential to learn in everyone. Over the last ten years he has worked with clients in the private, public and voluntary sectors. He was a Commissioner with the Commission for Racial Equality, when its chairman was Lord Herman Ouseley; an independent assessor with the Office of the Commissioner for Public Appointments, for over fifteen years; and a past chairman of the BBC’s Audience Council for London. His wider community contributions include membership of the Board of Governors at University of Hertfordshire; treasurer and trustee on the Board of a national charity, BTEG (Black Training & Enterprise Group); and chairman of Reach Society, a social enterprise for encouraging, motivating and inspiring young people to develop their innate abilities.

As a consulting associate to AAT, Dwain brings his expertise in talent recruitment and development, and honing leadership qualities to any project he joins. You can find out more about Dwain on his LinkedIn page and his own business website: www.lerikoandassociates.co.uk.

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