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Baroness King Thought leadership chair

In addition to being raised to the peerage as Baroness King of Bow, in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets 2011, Oona King was Head of Diversity at Channel 4 from March 2009-January 2010, before becoming Channel 4’s Diversity Executive (January 2010 – present). Before taking this position Oona was Senior Policy Advisor to the Prime Minister on Equalities, Diversity and Faith at 10 Downing Street. Oona was MP for Bethnal Green & Bow from 1997-2005, became PPS to the Cabinet Minister for Trade & Industry, and was previously PPS to the Minister for e-Commerce. Oona was appointed to two Select Committees (International Development and Urban Affairs), and currently serves on the House of Lords Select Committee on Adoption. Oona is Founding Chair of the following organisations: the Institute for Community Cohesion (iCoCo), the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Genocide Prevention; and Rich Mix Cultural Foundation.

Oona is acknowledged as a great communicator and inspiring leader as broadcaster, writer and political campaigner. Oona has written for the Guardian, New Statesman, Sunday Telegraph, Express and Observer, and is a presenter for television and radio documentaries. Oona’s book about her time in the House of Commons, “House Music – The Oona King Diaries” was published in September 2007 by Bloomsbury, and nominated for Channel 4 Political Awards ‘Political Book of the Year’ 2008. Oona’s television documentary on the life of Martin Luther King was broadcast in April 2008 on BBC2 and nominated for a Royal Television Society award. Oona’s role as a television presenter includes work for Channel 4, BBC, and Sky News (News reporter and commentator 2005-07).

As Chair of the Diverse Skills for Growth the all about talent Thought Leadership Forum, Oona brings her passion and knowledge on matters of inclusion and diversity to stimulate new thinking and practice to support UK business growth.

You can find out more about Oona on the parliament uk website: www.parliament.uk/biographies/oona-king/143
...and on her own website:

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