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John Atkins Associate

John Atkins

John Atkins is a learning and development specialist with thirty years’ background in education, learning and skills development. Originally trained as a mathematician, and with a degree from Cambridge University, John has worked in national and local government and the private sector advising clients on effective use of skills and resources in learning development. He is particularly interested in the initial development of school leavers and young people and in supporting individuals with learning difficulties and disabilities in making full use of their talents in the workplace.

John has an MBA from Newcastle University and is currently a visiting lecturer there where he lectures on consultancy skills and effective intervention in organisations as part of the University’s ongoing MBA programme.

John’s management consultancy experience began at PricewaterhouseCoopers and he has run his own management consultancy for over ten years. He has a wide portfolio of Government clients and he and his colleagues hold a Framework Agreement with the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. He has also worked for many public and private sector institutions, including universities, colleges and charities, and has recent experience advising the broadcast industry in maximising the return on investment from its staff. He is non-executive Chair of a major international charity and also holds a non-executive director role within his professional Society.

As a consulting associate to all about talent John is specifically interested in ways in which organisations can develop their people and other resources to maximise the organisation’s potential against a background of recession and financial difficulty. At a time when many organisations are struggling, his charity has just completed its most financially successful year in its history – almost entirely through strategic investment in its staff – and John is keen that his clients may benefit similarly from his experience.

For more about John, see his website www.atconsult.co.uk

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