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Diverse Skills for Growth

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Think Tank: Diverse Skills for Growth

The increasing diversity of customers and the labour force is a defining feature of the UK economy and global business landscape today. The ability of organisations to successfully compete and grow is undoubtedly linked to their skill in understanding the impact and opportunities this diversity presents.

Our new Think Tank, Diverse Skills for Economic Growth was launched on Monday 30 September 2013 with a keynote from the Rt Hon Dr. Vince Cable Secretary of State for Trade and industry and Chaired by Baroness Oona King of Bow.

Through our Think Tank we are putting a spotlight on equipping UK business with the skills and capabilities needed to build on the opportunities presented by diversity in fuelling economic growth.

The potential impact of diverse customers and diverse talent on business growth is substantial. A growing body of reports highlight the importance of understanding and meeting the needs of diverse customers and link this with the importance of growing a similarly diverse workforce.

We coin the term diverse skills to describe the capabilities of individuals, organisations and policy makers to understand and meet the different and changing needs of customers and wider society to ensure economic sustainability and growth. In the UK today there are some clear winners when it comes to diverse skills and growth. Organisations that are developing diverse skills are increasingly being shown to outperform competitors in financial performance, productivity, innovation and market share.

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Diverse Skills for Growth is a think tank that performs research and advocacy concerning diversity and its economic impact. Our vision is for a not-for-profit organisation that is truly independent but willing to be funded by government, credible advocacy groups, or businesses or acquire revenue from consulting or research work related to our mission. Diverse Skills for Growth is Chaired by Baroness Oona King of Bow and is run by all about talent.

We intend to bring together the expertise of business, learning and development and diversity leaders, the experience of organisations that are already forging diverse skills to support growth. The ambition is to encapsulate the successes to date that will help organisations develop diverse skills, contribute to the academic debate on diversity and finally influence policy makers who's focus to date has primarily dealt with individual skills.

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