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One evaluation
Results remain available for 12 months
Additional evaluations within first year
An organization can conduct an additional self-evaluation
Multiple use within a company
eg departments / divisions
PeopleMAX guidebook
Our guidebook provides deeper detail on each strand in the PeopleMAX index along with practical tips and resources to help you improve your performance on building a diverse and skilled workforce.
by sector, cohort or size, or internally between divisions (as available)
Tailored written report
Reviews the evidence you presented in completing the PeopleMAX index. The report provides an analysis of your strengths and where you can make improvements to help you accelerate your performance.
Validation visit & detailed written report
The visit reviews in detail all attributes within the PeopleMax index. We apply our team's extensive experience in diversity, inclusion & people development to provide tailored recommendations.
Licence to use full system internally
We can provide a tailored system for an organisation to self-evaluate performance by business divisions and subsidiaries. It can include additional functionality; such as workforce data .

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